About our Farm

old hickory farm wedding barn venue
John & Lori

The land that lies beneath Old Hickory Farm started as a promise.  As Erskine Wolford walked across this beautiful piece of land, on his way to volunteer for the Civil war, he promised himself that if he lived through the war he would buy the property.

It’s not a surprise that when Erskines Grandson, Darryl  with his wife Julie, decided to build their horse facility, there was not a more beautiful place than on top of the hill in the pasture.
John and Lori Lems, both from Canton, South Dakota, were approached by their son, Christopher.  He wanted to attend Morrisville State College.  Johns family had been involved in racing Standardbreds since the 1960’s and no other career would suit Christopher as well as racing Standardbreds himself.
As the Lem’s made more and more trips to New York they were quite taken by the beauty of the area.  On one of those trips they saw an ad for a farm in the Weedsport area.  Again, not surprising, as they drove up the drive it was love at first sight.  Soon they were the owners of this 57 acre farm.  However, the farm needed quite a bit of TLC.  The Lems were just the people for that with their great work ethic.
On another trip to New York, John met Dan Baker at a local shop.  While visiting John mentioned that they needed some carpentry work done at the house.  When Dan went to check out the job he asked his wife, Martha, to join him.  She was hesitant on going, because she knew Dan loooved to visit. Reluctantly she said yes and went with him. Well, the Bakers and the Lems were instant friends.
While in attendance at another barn venue Dan and Martha thought the Lems farm would be a perfect place for weddings.  So, the two couples, with all of their own unique talents, formed Old Hickory Farm Wedding & Gathering venue.
old hickory farm wedding barn venue
Dan & Martha Baker

You might ask, why a wedding venue?  The Lems and the Bakers both cherish the institution of marriage and family.  We, in the most genuine way, want to share our beautiful property for what we hope to be your “best day ever!!!” with you and your guests.

We will not be surprised when you reach the top of the hill and you will also “fall in love” as Erskine Wolford did 160 years earlier.